Famous Vastu Consultant in USA and Canada, “Purpose of succeeding Discipline of Vastu Shastra. In a construction is to activate divinity of bounded space Called Vastu Purusha, Bestowed of Health, Wealth, Peace and Pleasure, else called Vastu Dosha.”

Famous Vastu Consultant in USA and Canada

True thing at right place gives balance essential for positive and productive situation. Pain parts of life are visible as unevenness of individual directions. Inequality of a direction is the root cause of pain and problem in related area of life with that direction. Inequities are due to placement of activities, utilizations, decorative and colors in unsuitable directions.

Astrologer Rohit Sharma gives understanding about supremacies of 16 directions and different superiority each direction have e.g. Devoutness, Health, Contentment, Social Connectivity, Thinking, Money, Power, Peace, Spans, Bonding, Study, Gains, Depression, Divine Help, Pleasures, Treasures etc.

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MahaVastu follows methodical diagnosis to get clearness on Vastu related root cause of pain in each area of lifetime. This analysis leads toward action procedure called Vastu PanchKarma for complementary 16 Directions and 5 Fundamentals in the building. An Experience MahaVastu Consultant chooses the treatment procedure which generally includes modifying entrance, giving activities, rooms and commodes, placing right objects at right place, creating vigor fields of Vastu Purush Mandal and regulatory planetary effects etc.

Vastu For Home

Our home is what describes us. It is here, surrounded in its four walls, that we figure our dreams, our ambitions, our forthcoming. It is here wherever we give and accept love – the love and attention that nurtures not only our body but also our cognizance and soul. This is where our being is formed, our charm is moulded and our attitude takes shape.

Mahavastu facilities for Houses converts your house into a real home-full of love, vitality, happiness & health, Peace and luxury for living happy satisfying life.

If so much is reliant on the home that we live in, should we not try and know what really administrates the environment inside it? What is it that causes a home to have a certain troposphere – an air that dictates the lives of persons who live here???

To make your home happy home with our Vastu Consultant.

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